Surgical Procedures


Dr Apostolakos vast surgical experience - i.e. military hospital surgical departments management, numerous fellowships abroad and surgical practice for more than 10 years - offers him the opportunity to practice surgery using the most moderate, safe and technologically advanced procedures that offers the patient:

  • shorten operative time
  • shorten postoperative time
  • shorten postoperative pain
  • short tem return in daily activities.

Surgical procedures of colon, large intestine, stomach, hepatobiliary system, breast, esophagus, etc belong at Dr Apostolakos surgical routine.

For instance, in thyroid surgery we use ultrasound methods to significantly reduce bleeding risk and after postoperative pain, shorten patient's stay in hospital and reassure our patients' immediate and safe return to his/her routine activities.

Dr Apostolakos also uses the most advanced laser and laparoscopic surgical techniques.

In breast surgery, especially, ultrasound is used to reduce oedema and thorough lymph node dissection.